Loretta M. Vasso

Loretta M. Vasso, M.S., CADC, CCP

“I have been a private-practice counselor since 1989, when I received my Associates Degree in Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Counseling. The following year I earned a Bachelors Degree, and then started working on a Masters Degree in Counseling, which I completed in 1996.

My Interest in Metaphysics

During that time I had an interest in metaphysics. I had received readings over the years from psychics, and even saw a counselor who used Spirit Guides in her work. This fascinated me. When she offered me the opportunity to attend an Intuition Development class, I immediately embraced the idea. Through continual training and practice since that time, I have expanded my intuition and have gained confidence in drawing intelligence from my own Spirit Guides and  in connecting with the clients I serve.

Realizing I Had a Special Talent

Over the years, I have discovered various modalities for which I found I had an innate talent. The first was reading Tarot cards. From the first card I turned over, I was able to discern the element that was particularly meaningful for the person being read. Realizing that I had this ability inspired me to create, with the help of a friend, The Psychic Partners.


I have always been drawn to everything Native American, perhaps because of a past life memory.  In recent years, I have studied extensively to incorporate a variety of Shamanic Healing modalities, which are Spiritual Healing practices, into my work.  This has been very gratifying, as I lead clients through processes that access the deeper recesses of themselves.

How I Began with The Path to Heal

On Valentine’s Day, 2011, I interviewed Becky Cohen, creator of The Path To Heal. Again, I was immediately fascinated. I saw that this modality could have enormous value to my clients in assisting them to identify personal wounds that have created dis-ease in their lives and resulted in obstacles that prevent them from living as happily and healthily as they desire. The Path To Heal gives us a means to discover and remove these obstacles.

The Way I Work with Clients

In my work with clients, I utilize a wide range of traditional therapeutic modalities and, when appropriate and requested by clients, alternative approaches, all designed to address each person’s particular needs. My goal is to help those I serve find their way through life’s challenges and discover a means of creating more happiness in their lives. By incorporating psychology, spirituality, traditional and non-traditional theories in counseling and healing sessions, I have helped clients resolve issues, navigate transitions, and thereby experience joy and serenity. I invite you to visit the Testimonials page to see what some of my clients have said about their work with me.”

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