The Path to Heal

Can You Imagine Your Life Fully Healed?


The Path to Heal makes this possible by helping clients heal physical, emotional, mental and spiritual conditions that limit success.

Each Path to Heal session is individualized, based on the client’s healing needs as determined through kinesiology (gentle muscle testing).

A session encompasses numerous non-invasive healing techniques performed by the practitioner utilizing the loving energy of crystals, a tuning fork, and harmonics to aid the body’s natural healing processes.  These techniques help the client experience his or her true self — a being of pure light and unconditional love.

The Path to Heal is completely safe, non-invasive and is not contraindicated when used in conjunction with any medical treatment or procedure.  It can be performed as a compliment to other treatments and is beneficial for people of any age, including very young children. A session lasts 45-90 minutes and is very relaxing and insightful.

The Path to Heal protocol consists of a Genesis Dimension that can be performed by anyone, once trained, and 12 additional Dimensions that are performed by a trained practitioner:

0 Dimension – Genesis of Dis-ease

Genesis of Dis-ease:  Genesis is a complete healing system, which can be used daily to release our negative circumstances and help ourselves heal.  It mimics the philosophy and healing power of the rest of The Path To Heal, but focuses on determining and healing the genesis of “dis-ease”.  There are 5 steps in Genesis:

1.  Awareness Shift   2.  Expansion   3.  Enlightenment – Wound   4.  Soul Integration   5.  Re-patterning to Oneness.


Dimension I – Pure Love

In this dimension, healing comes from the identification of wounding events and obstacles that are manifested so as to avoid feeling the pain of the original wound.  The insight gained, coupled with healing energy guided by crystals, leads to a very quick improvement of the health issues and a life that has much less struggle.

The elements of this Dimension are:
1.  Illumination     2. Enlightenment 3. Transformation

II – Mystic Consciousness

This Dimension heals health conditions through the Renewal of Spirit.  It does this by correcting and healing predispositions (genetic or otherwise) to body weakness by finding the root of the weakness, and by defining enabling patterns between the client and those connected to the client, and then releasing the “need” for them.

The elements of this Dimension are:
1. Conjoint Energies 2.  Courage to Honor Self3.  Renewal

Dimension III – Living Our Bliss

This Dimension awakenings us to the gift of the present moment.  It awakens us to our bliss.  Healing comes from freeing the body from the mind’s limiting belief systems (so that the mind’s negativity does not manifest in body conditions) and opening up Akashic records to provide context for our current incarnation, based on our soul’s journey.

The Dimension 3 elements are:
1. Paradigm Shift 2. Easing Intensity 3. Adversity to Love

Dimension IV – Divine Re-patterning

This Dimension is intended to bring individuals, a community of an animal closer to God or “All That Is”.   The intention is not a physical healing, although significant physical healing will often occur as a result.  The session is handed over to God by the practitioner, who acts purely as a conduit for healing.  The practitioner has been opened up to the expectation of miracles through the ordination process.

The elements of this Dimension are:
1.  Communion/Initiation     2.  Surrender     3.  Embracing Abundance

Dimension V – Love is All

In Dimension V we explore our bodies as a microcosm of the universe and the universe as a macrocosm of our bodies.  When we are not in a state of Pure Love, we have been conditioned to label things as “good” or “bad” and to perceive “bad” aspects of ourselves as unlovable.  The repression of unlovable aspects of self constriction of aspects of self, leading to  leading to health issues.  In Dimension V, congestion is cleared.  The elements of this Dimension are:
1.  Universe as a Macrocosm of Body     2.  Body as a Microcosm of the Universe     3.  Release Judgement





Dimension VI – Miracle of Healing

Dimension VI raises our consciousness so that we are able to see our truths and dishonesty in a clear light.  The honesty gained helps us to heal our deepest fear, which is the fear of our expression of our personal power.  It is the full expression of personal power that leads to the miracle of healing.  This Dimension enlightens us to the truth as to why we hold on to health conditions and with this truth we surrender the patterns that block us from expressing our divine purpose.

The 3 sections of this Dimension identify the root of our patterns that originated from conditioning ourselves to avoid re-experiencing the rejection that was felt when we let our light shine.

1.  Passageways     2.  Embracing the Foolish Self     3.  Intimacy

VII – Reunification

Dimension 7 is an expression and extension of the Transformation statement in Dimension I, Pure Love, which is recited by the client and installed by the practitioner: “I am enthusiastically myself at all times.”  It helps you embrace all aspects of self and reunify self with God and others.  When this dimension comes up, you are ready to fully feel emotions and heal very deep wounds.  When we are hurt, we often cope by isolating ourselves from God, our emotions and from others.  Dimension 7 gives us an understanding of our conscious and/or subconscious choice to isolate ourselves, using the following sections:
1.  Understanding Separation from God  2.  Understanding
Separation from Self     3.  Understanding Separation from Others

Dimension VIII – Vibrational Harmony

Dimension 8 is an expression and extension of the Transformational statement in Dimension I, Pure Love, which is recited by the client and installed by the practitioner:  “I trust all good things will come to me.”  The purpose of Dimension 8 is to identify the reason that each of us is not fully manifesting our desires.  The breakdown arises because our subconscious, to block the realization of our preferences, can be louder than our conscious desires.  These subconscious blocks can come at any point in the manifestation process, which The Path identifies as
1.  Awareness of Preferences     2.  The Journey     3.  Manifestation

IX – Heaven on Earth

This Dimension is an expression and extension of the Transformational statement in Dimension I, Pure Love, which is recited by the client and installed by the practitioner:  “I unconditionally give and receive love.”  Heaven on Earth is achieved through the release of struggle that comes from fully loving Self.  To fully love Self, one must open to fully giving and receiving, and come to understand that giving and receiving are the same.  At the heart of fully giving and receiving, is the ability to give Self the right to one’s basic needs.  In Dimension IX, the blocks to the balance of giving and receiving are identified and healed.  The 3 sections mimic the 3 sections in Dimension I:
1.  Illumination     2. Enlightenment 3. Transformation

X – Be In Your Power

When we are in our power, our light fully shines and we are peaceful.  In that state, we are easily guided through signs and synchronicities that direct our life’s purpose and provide fulfillment and bliss.  This dimension provides context as to why our light has dimmed.  It can either be from conditional love from this lifetime, a past life or from an ancestor, coded into our DNA.  The consequence of this conditioning is that we allow triggers, embarrassment and/or control games to take us out of our power, to stop us from experiencing the negative emotions associated with expressing a basic need.  Following an Illumination step, this step identifies Consequences when we allow:
1. Triggers 2. Embarrassment 3. Control Games

Dimension XI – Ego Enlightenment

The unenlightened ego is preoccupied with protecting self from shame and guilt.  The ego utilizes the subconscious mind to generate mental and physical states to aid in the prevention of these emotions.  The enlightened ego is aware that when we are “enthusiastically ourselves” we are always on the right path and there can be no guilt or shame.  The
outcome of this enlightenment is that the ego resonates to the soul and therefore engages in furthering the soul’s purpose rather than defensiveness.  Following a Discovery step, this Dimension explores the following 3 aspects of Ego Defensiveness:

1. Intimidation 2. Deflation 3. Repression

Dimension XII – Create New Light

In this Dimension, we discover that, because we are all God or “All There Is,” we have the power to create new light, or that which our heart desires.  Light is created when we remove stressors and then align ourselves with our divine attributes: peace, gracefulness, joy, patience and, most importantly, unconditional love.  Through the insight gained from this Dimension, we discover that we have actually manifested the stressors in our lives to keep us from feeling guilt and shame.  Once the stressors are removed, we align with our soul’s purpose and our soul’s desires will naturally manifest.  This dimension has three subsections and healing is directed on these three levels:

1. Individual Consciousness 2. Community Consciousness 3. Humankind


The cost for a session is $90 for a 1-hour session.  Feel free to call 215-692-2753 for a no-obligation consultation to discuss whether or not The Path To Heal is the modality that will be most helpful for you.

Path to Heal Sessions with Loretta Vasso
can be performed either in person and over the phone

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