Shamanic Healing

Loretta M. Vasso is a Shamanic Practitioner and an Ordained Minister of the Circle of the Sacred Earth. She can work with individuals in restoring health and well-being through Shamanism, Soul Retrieval and Compassionate Depossession.

In all indigenous cultures the medicine person or healer has traditionally been the Shaman. Based on the belief that all dis-ease is caused by either Power Loss, lack of connection with your Power Animal or by Soul Loss, a Shamanic Practitioner uses ancient modalities, such as Journeying, Soul Retrieval and others, to connect you with your essential self.

Shamanic Practices are not intended to be a replacement for traditional or mainstream medical care, instead they may be used as an adjunct to Western medicine, psychological counseling, and alternative health care options. Fundamentally, Shamanism is the practice of working in relationship with compassionate spirits. People of many faiths, as well as those unaligned with organized religion, seek shamanic counseling for healing and guidance. (Individuals and groups)

Soul Retrieval is an ancient shamanic practice of helping restore people to wholeness, to balance and to the essence of who they truly are. Experiences of trauma, loss and illness may result in spiritual and psychic fragmentation (Soul loss). It is easy to become disconnected from our essence and from the rhythms of the natural world in a culture that does not sufficiently value, support or recognize the needs of the Soul. Soul Retrieval reconnects people to their own personal power. (Individuals and groups)

Compassionate Depossession clears unwanted spirit forms from your energy field and strengthens your connection to your True Self. In order to release the possession, there needs to be an experience of forgiveness and letting go of an identity from the psyche. This is done by assisting the entity or Soul into a realm of compassion. This illness is most often experienced as a subtle influence that goes unrecognized or undiagnosed. Compassionate depossession is the gentle, unconditionally loving practice of helping incarnate and discarnate beings to freedom. (Individuals only)

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